Member Publications | Sevgi Adak’s New Book Looks at Anti-Veiling Campaigns in Turkey

A new book from our member Sevgi Adak titled “Anti-Veiling Campaigns in Turkey
State, Society and Gender in the Early Republic” has been published by Bloomsbury Publishing.

Sevgi Adak’s new book adopts a historical approach to examine the context and the formation of the meanings of veiling and unveiling during interwar Turkey. In this book, Adak reveals how the interwar period marks a moment that the way women dress turned into an issue of national mobilisation. She uncovers the complexities of the Kemalist modernisation project by presenting unpublished archival data and investigating how women responded to anti-veiling campaigns.

According to Bloomsbury Publishing the book: “shifts the focus from the high politics of the elite to the implementation of state policies” and “situates the anti-veiling campaigns as a space where the Kemalist reforms were negotiated, compromised and resisted by societal actors”.

To read an extract of the book please click on this link.

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