Online Book Launch⎢Police, Provocation, Politics Counterinsurgency in İstanbul

PSA Turkish Politics Specialist Group is inviting you to its virtual book launch event in which Dr Deniz Yonucu will present her new book Police, Provocation, Politics: Counterinsurgency in Istanbul published by Cornell University Press.

The event will take place on Zoom on Monday, 19 September 2022, 18:30 – 19:30 BST

The book will be discussed by Elif Babül, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Mount Holyoke College and Joost Jongerden, Associate Professor of Rural Sociology, Wageningen University.

The presentations will be followed by feedback from discussants and a Q&A session.
Registration for the event can be made on Eventbrite.

About the Book

In Police, Provocation, Politics, Deniz Yonucu presents a counterintuitive analysis of contemporary policing practices, focusing particular attention on the incitement of counterviolence, perpetual conflict, and ethnosectarian discord by the state security apparatus. Situating Turkish policing within a global context and combining archival work and oral history narratives with ethnographic research, Yonucu demonstrates how counterinsurgency strategies from the Cold War and decolonial eras continue to inform contemporary urban policing in Istanbul. Shedding light on counterinsurgency’s affect-and-emotion-generating divisive techniques and urban dimensions, Yonucu shows how counterinsurgent policing strategies work to intervene in the organization of political dissent in a way that both counters existing alignments among dissident populations and prevents emergent ones.

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